"...Solidarity in Sisterhood" 

Zaya (Medical Surgical Nurse, Hampton University

"Being a mentor for Petals and S.T.E.M. has allowed me to better understand solidarity in sisterhood and friendship. I have been able to network, guide, and lead in my community which has provided me with so much pride. Petals and S.T.E.M. has pushed me to ameliorate my career while still honoring all my accomplishments, small and big.

"A Sense of Belonging...."

 Ileana (Marketing, NVCC)

"Transparency Moment: Exactly 3 years ago, I was completely friendless. I've mingled with different people and groups but never felt a sense of belonging. Fast forward to a few months ago, I decided to join a small organization I'd been seeing online. What I didn't expect to find was that sense of belonging that I'd longed for. Not to mention, as women of color, we all understand each other's struggle and support each other, so much more. It's been a blessing to know that I can surround myself with like-minded women while doing work in my community."

"...Surrounded by a Community" 

Shavonn (B.S. Criminal Justice, Post University)

"Being a part of P&S gives me the opportunity to be the mentor I needed while pursuing my educational journey. As a high functioning neurodivergent, I get to encourage others who think and look like me that despite what the world tells us about ourselves we are all capable of achieving our dreams when we are surrounded by a community to uplift us and believe in us, even when we don't have faith in ourselves."

"Connections that last a lifetime..."

Jasmine (Aspiring Pediatric Dentist, NVCC)

" I think this organization is important for young women in this generation looking for a role model to help them grow and develop in this age of social media. This organization can help build bonds and make stong friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. I love this organizations and the wonderful women who are running this. I see so much potential in all the young girls and mentors who are keeping this program alive and thriving."

"...Seen, Heard, and Loved"

Arianna (B.A. Communications, SCSU)

"Blessed to be apart of an organization where I am seen, heard, and loved beyond words. To be around women of color is truly a blessing and to have the friendship foundation we do is 100% beyond compare. Some of my favorite ladies!"

"For generations to come..."

Breeya (Nursing School Candidate, Realtor)

"My experience with P&S has been phenomenal, I hope it stays around for generations to come. The sisterhood is a great support system and something I feel everyone needs before they embark in a field that can be as stressful as nursing."