Our Mission

Petals and S.T.E.M. provides young women of color (grades 8-Doctorate's level education) with the representation, mentorship, and support network they need to surpass barriers to education and career success. While our concentration is increasing diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, we seek to provide academic support and resources to women of color in all areas of higher education.

A Sisterhood of Success

Our Story

Petals and S.T.E.M. Incorporated is a non-profit mentorship program catered towards young women of color pursuing college education and professional careers with a concentration on fields relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Founded by Hannah Butler in April 2022, Petals and S.T.E.M. stands on the pillars of inspiration, mentorship, and sisterhood. We encourage academic success by providing a diverse network of support, one-on-one mentorship, and a positive space for extracurricular fun.

Through our community service and collaboration with other local organizations, we forward our mission of inspiring through representation. We desire to reach the promising minds of young women in our community and demonstrate through both spoken words and actions that their dreams are, in fact, achievable. We are seeking to continuously break boundaries within our community and remove barriers to higher education. Here at Petals and S.T.E.M., we pride ourselves on being able to cater our community experiences based on our audience. From interactive STEM based workshops to guided panels discussing the importance of mental health, Petals and S.T.E.M. recognizes the multifaceted needs of students and members within our community. You never know where you will find us next within CT!