Meet Our Team

Board of Directors and Officers

Founder, President & CEO

Hannah Butler

Chief Operating Officer

Shavonn Taylor

Chief Advising Officer of Junior Division

Carlamary Santiago

Chief Recruitment Officer

Erika Michie

Board Treasurer

Ileana Jaime

Board Secretary

Mia Bajonc

Our Operating Staff

Social Outreach Manager

Zoe Isaacs

 College and Scholarship Advisor

Carlamary Santiago

Social Media Coordinator

Arianna Ruiz

Head of General Education Branch

Shavonn Taylor

Newsletter Author

Ileana Jaime

We are currently seeking the following volunteer positions:

Our Mentorship Team

Mentor of Nursing

Jalia West

Mentor of Psychology

Melody Milagros

Mentor of Elementary Education, Psychology

Tiana Arline

Mentor of General Studies, Finance

Aliyyah Chapman

General Studies Mentor

Christina Lentine

Mentor of General Studies, Higher Education

Breana Sanchez

Mentor of Pre-Medical Studies

Jonell Bailey

Mentor of Exercise Science

Destiny Scott

Mentor of Psych., Chem., Nursing

Zaya Powell

Mentor of Pre-Med/Pre-PA Studies

Brianna Parham

Desire to make a difference?

Petals and S.T.E.M. is currently seeking to expand our mentorship team! With a minimum requirement of 4 hours a month, mentors for our organization volunteer to lead, guide, and serve as the representation young women of color in our community need to succeed! Get paired with a student (grades 8-Ph.D. level)*** and share your expertise in your education and career. Help us in sowing seeds of hope within our community.

**student grade pairing depends on the current level of mentor's education